Challenging colour sustainability by reusing water, dyes and fibres.

By investigating the possibilities of reusing dyewater and rinse water I created the Tint Colour Collection. It is a collection of knitted textiles and colour samples forming into gradients.

First the textiles were knitted using a combination of new and recycled fibres. The new fibres are white and easy to colour-controle in the dye process. The recycled are trickier, which makes them exciting to use to create melange effects. The collection is split into three dyeing batches. A third of the textiles are dyed in a traditional way - in a dyebath with dyes and chemicals. When the dyeing is finished the excess water is used as dyebath for the next third of the collection. This creates a new and lighter shade of the first colour. The rinse water from the first batch is then used for the third part of the collection - creating an even lighter and brighter nuance. This way the water, dye and chemicals are recycled and a beautiful gradient collection is created.


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