Exhibition at Copenhagen Contemporary | 14.08-05.09 2021

How does it feel to touch, smell and smash an island? How can we connect to a place by engaging with local materials? What value can be found in the tiny no man’s lands of an island?

The experimental art project INGENMANDSLAND / NO MAN’S LAND invites into engagement and enchantment in the near surroundings of Copenhagen Contemporary. At the exhibition the guests are invited to artistic, sensory explorations of materials from Refshaleøen.  

The installation depends on contributions from the guests. It grows and changes throughout the exhibition period. At arranged walks the participants will gather materials from the waste bins of local companies and plants from the area. Everything is brought into the exhibition space.

The heart of the installation is a laboratory where the gathered materials are explored and processed. The guests are vacuum packing and preserving materials in glasses as well as building them into big sculptural ‘lumps’ mad of layer on layer of different matter. The lumps are then exhibited. Thoughout the exhibition period there are smashing events where the guests are invited to smash and break the lumps apart using special long tools.

The fragments that are exposed in the smashing process are carefully selected and exhibited in the exhibition Archive. This is the place where all the matter, stories, unities, lumps and fragments are opening aesthetic dialogues.

The artistic group behind INGENMANDSLAND consists of Rune Fjord, Amanda Luna and Maria Viftrup.

The project is supported by:
Knud Højgaards Fond
Statens Kunstfond
Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen

Big thanks to our local collaborators:
Bygaard, Byens Plantetorv, Barlby Carlsson, Alchemist, Simple Feast, Havnens Hænder, Empirical Spirits

Photography by Benjamin Graham, Torben Eskerod and Maria Viftrup.

© Copyright 2020  |  |  Istagram: @maria_viftrup