Designing concepts for working with coloured textile waste and a prototype colour collection for the Danish company Really (Kvadrat).

Really is collecting post-production textile waste and upcycling it into new materials. Their materials are challenging the way we think about waste and pushing the field of textile production towards circular economy.
Their philosophy is to add as little as possible in their production process. Therefore, the colours of their products are the colours of the textile waste input. This demand a lot from the sorting of the waste.

I collaborated with Really on uncovering methods and strategies for colour sorting the textiles. The strategies are gathered in 5 concepts of sorting, mixing and producing the colours. I focused on aesthetic possibilities within the limitations of accessible volumes, sorting challenges and available technology. I developed a prototyping method to be able to work with the colour input/output in a small scale. I prototyped a colour collection to visualize the results of the 5 concepts. Each of the concepts build on to the next one in advancement and colour possibilities. They lead from a reachable present to a vision of future possibilities.

The prototype collection was used by Really as a reference for discussing and deciding on concepts to implement in the near-future. It also acted as inspiration for future directions and possibilities.

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