RUND is a brand idea based on knitted ready-to-wear clothes, produced by organic materials with a focus on zero-waste and recycling. The brand relies on a circular business model based on 7 steps: Producing yarn, designing, producing styles, selling, consumer use phase, returning and recycling.

Our recycling phase is developed into 3 steps:

1. Second hand shop-in-shop

2. Unravelling and designing new styles with reused yarn

3. Decomposing into fibers and recycling into new yarn

We strive to use recycled fibers from our own production assembled with a few new if necessary.We aim to produce strong fibers that can be re-used for more than only one time.

Furthermore the garments are made fully-fashioned with an intention to obtain zero-waste. The seams are easily unravelled to make the process smoother. The materials we use are eco-friendly and with a local manufacturing production in which we intend to limit the costs.


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