A colour trend forecast based on the merge of texiles, colour and biology. The trend material won Filmar’s 2017 Colorama Award.

By experimenting with bioplastics, algae, fungi and bacteria, we can now grow our future materials, foods and objects in a home lab environment. Biology becomes a mean for fabrication and a way of creating in a sustainable manner. It is a new take on nature whe­re grown materials are fundamental in designing for a better wor­ld. The future is biological but not necessarily green. The colours of the grown materials can be the colours we engineer it to be. The hues will be closely related following the conditions under which the materials are grown. Cold and warm nuances of the same sha­de or a sequence of colours leading us from one to another. Weird browns and yellows emerging from fungi and single spots of foreign bacteria creates contrasting hues.

When creating the colours for the Colorama award I experimented with several types of biomaterials and the colours we can generate through these methods of fabrication. I was not only creating colour trends but also developing an archive of bioplastics, bacterial dyes and fungi leathers. The colours of those material experiments beca­me the inspiration for my palette.


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